Accessory Products

Accessories Set

Blood collection set for Regen Lab tubes.
3 Safety–LokTM Butterfly needles
3 Transfer devices

Regen™ Spray Applicator

Ratio 10:1 or 10:3
Regen™ Spray Applicator 10:1 & 10:3 is designed to obtain
an autologous biological glue by combination of
autologous platelet rich plasma and autologous thrombin serum.

Drucker 642 VFD Plus

The Drucker 642 VFD Plus is a continuous-duty, electrically
controlled, fixed-angle centrifuge with a lid safety interlock
system. The unit is controlled by two electronic
push–button timersthat have been preset for five (5)
minutes 1,500RCF and nine (9) minutes 1,500RCF, for
precise spin times and ease of use.