What is Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)?



RegenKit® Medical Devices

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RegenKit® Medical Devices, coupled with Regen® Innovative Preparation Methods, provide a safe and rapid means to prepare autologous Platelet-Rich Plasma at point-of-care.

Autologous preparations maximize biocompatibility, as they are:


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RegenKit® Medical Devices may only be prescribed by a properly trained and licensed medical provider, are single-use only, and proper aseptic technique must be followed at all times.

Risks are generally the same as those associated with a blood draw.



RegenPlasma® | Leukocyte-Poor A-PRP®   (RegenKit®-BCT)

Ref(s):  RK-BCT-1, RK-BCT-3-10, RK-BCT-3-20


RegenCell® | Mononuclear-Selective A-PRP®  (RegenKit®-THT®)

Ref(s): RK-THT-3-10, RL-THT-3-20


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RegenLab® USA is compliant to the highest standards, MDSAP certified under the framework  of ISO13485.

The majority of RegenLab® USA’s products are Developed and Manufactured in the USA.

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