What is RegenPRP™?


RegenPRP™ is safe and effective, rapidly prepared at point of care with RegenKit® Medical Devices,

rich in nutrients and growth factors to restore and revitalize tissues at a cellular level,

and autologous:  “Made FROM You FOR You!”™.





Platelets are key factors in tissue repair mechanisms.1 They provide essential growth factors, such as FGF, PDGF, TGF-β, EGF, VEGF, IGF, which are involved in stem cell migration, differentiation and proliferation. Platelets also stimulate fibroblasts and endothelial cells to induce the deposition of new extracellular matrix and neovascularization, respectively. These cell fragments (platelets are fragments of megakaryocytes) essentially act as a conductor to facilitate a highly-orchestrated and multi-lateral engagement of the body’s natural healing mechanisms. The platelets prepared in RegenPRP™ are concentrated from the patient’s own blood.



Plasma is the liquid matrix which sustains and facilitates the passage of cellular elements and nutrients throughout the body, sustaining the health and vigor of tissues.  It contains many factors essential for cell survival including nutrients, vitamins, hormones, electrolytes, growth factors (such as IGF and HGF), and proteins. Among the plasma proteins, the molecules vital for the coagulation process and for formation of the fibrin polymer will serve as a scaffold for cell migration and new tissue generation.


Platelet-Rich Plasma

Platelet-Rich Plasma is a preparation borne from the collection of whole blood and separation of its components in such a way that the plasma, platelets, nutrients and growth factors are isolated from the Granulocytes (GRN) and Red Blood Cells (RBC).  In some cases, a significant recovery of Mononuclear Cells (MNC) may be desirable.  Therefore it is important to differentiate between the two subdivisions of White Blood Cells (WBC).


Pictured above is a preparation of RegenPlasma® | Leukocyte-Poor A-PRP® prepared by Regen® BCT.  After a 10 mL Blood Draw and a 5 minute spin, roughly 5-6 mL of PRP are generated.

RegenPRP™ | Methodology


With the ability to rapidly generate fresh autologous preparations at point of care, cellular components are selectively isolated in a manner which not only serves to maximize their biocompatibility, but also their bioactivity.  This allows Platelets, and their supporting elements, to maintain their function whilst being concentrated in a manner which ensures the utmost standard of purity, thanks to what we have termed as the “GMP Lab in a Tube.”


RegenLab® works closely with leading experts around the globe in order to assess and refine approaches with the goal of revolutionizing approaches toward regenerative medicine and improving quality of life for the patient.

Our academic partnerships represent a key component of our mission, to further initiatives of both public health and patient welfare.


With Platelets already having a proven role in the healing of tissues (e.g. as key components in migration, proliferation and differentiation), the importance of further study in this regard is paramount in our initiatives.

With over 200 publications worldwide, and 4 textbooks published in collaboration with the BioBridge Foundation and our academic partners, RegenLab® prides itself as a leader of clinical advancement in the field of Regenerative Medicine.


With this methodology comes a persistent need to raise the bar, innovating new technological approaches to further develop the fields of Cell Therapy &; Tissue Engineering.

RegenKit® Medical Device Kits represent just the beginning, with a significant portfolio of RegenLab® technology under investigative status and pending FDA Clearance or Approval.

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RegenPRP™ | Standardized Performance

RegenLab® devices utilize a thixotropic gel separation platform, which separates the plasma and
platelets from the blood cells to produce RegenPRP™ with a standardized composition:

Blood Sample: 10 mL Tube
Blood Sample: 10 mL Tube

10 mL

PRP per 10 mL Tube
PRP per 10 mL Tube

5 to 6 ml

Platelet Recovery
Platelet Recovery

> 80 %

Red Blood Cell Removal
Red Blood Cell Removal

> 99.7 %

Platelet Concentration Factor (native)
Platelet Concentration Factor (native)

1.6 x

The preparation demonstrated above represents RegenPlasma®, a standardized Leukocyte-Poor A-PRP®.  One 10 mL blood draw yields roughly 5-6 mL of PRP, touting a removal of over 99.7% of Red Blood Cells, and ~96.5% removal of granulocytes while maintaining >80% Platelet Recovery.

RegenPRP™ | Innovation & Quality You Can Trust


Our Technologies

The Regen Lab technology is based on the use of a thixotropic gel to separate the blood components. This process is protected by many patents (US8529957, EP2073862, US2014010857). Thixotropy is a physical property of some gels. The gel acts as a mechanical separator of the blood components.

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Quality Products

Regen Lab Quality System Management ensures the consist-ency of our products quality in total GMP compliance. Our production facility rooms atmosphere is monitored to satisfy non-pyrogenic medical devices manufacturing.

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